The tools to train your mind for Arena FPS

Stopwatch helps you train your item timing in Quake Champions

The Rules


Just like in the game, each major item respawns every 30 sec.


The goal is to click item’s area 2 seconds PRIOR to the scheduled respawn (you get a higher score than by clicking on a visible Armor/Health). This way you get to train your memory for knowing when to show up right in time for the pickup. For example, if you pick up Armor at 2:15, try to remember to click Armor’s area at 2:43 or 2:44.


If you click item’s area too early (earlier than 2:43 in our example) - your score is reduced and the item’s respawn will not be known to you (as is in the game - if you show up too early and get killed, you won’t know exactly when the enemy picked up the item because you are respawned on the other side of the map).

Our Mission


We want Quake and Arena FPS to be popular again. A duel in Quake Champions is like a chess game (with a shotgun). It is smart and fun. We want thousands of new players to appreciate its beauty and elegance.

Help The Beginners

A new player is frequently frustrated when losing duels. It takes more than good aim to win. You have to control your emotions and know the timing of each major item’s respawn. This is why we created this site - to help you with basics.

Simple By Design

We want to create Arena FPS tools that are fun and helpful. Think of the tools here as a quick brain workout. Do it for 2-3 minutes prior/between the games. Or on a bus. Whenever you have a few. Bookmark us and try it out for a week - then tell us if it helped or not.

Help Us

We need your help to succeed in our mission

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